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Skirmish Mats founder Robby and Luke with Duncan Rhodes at NOVA

Founded by two brothers (not Duncan) with a passion for wargaming who were never quite satisfied with the boards and mats we found online and at conventions, Skirmish Mats are the narrative-focused battlefields we've always wanted to play on.

Robby plays 40k (Sisters of Battle), Marvel: Crisis Protocol, and (soon) Star Wars Shatterpoint. He has a terrain problem.

Luke likes to keep it "semi-competitive" with his Deathwatch list and is a terror on the Bolt Action table.

Both of us love Necromunda, are recent converts to Star Wars: Legion, and enjoy the occasional game of Malifaux.

Skirmish Mats is a labor of love. We're always excited to hear from other wargamers. If you've got feedback on the site or products, or just want to get in touch to talk about an amazing narrative campaign you have going, we'd love to hear from you!


100% Custom Designs

You won't find our designs anywhere else. You deserve a better battlefield, and Skirmish Mats is the only place you'll find it.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

If you don't like your mat, you can return it within 30 days with no questions asked. Your satisfaction is all that matters.



Skirmish Mats and its founders believe in a hobby and community that brings people together regardless of their differences, and we want to support players and organizations that feel the same. We reject bigotry and hatred in all forms. Black Lives Matter. Trans Lives Matter.

In support of this belief, we partner with FLGS owners and clubs from underrepresented backgrounds via our #SkirmishSquad program. If you know of a group that would be a good fit, please reach out.