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Customer Reviews

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Gregory Martin
Awesome Mat

I purchased this mat for use in Warcry, a skirmish battle game produced by Games Workshop. Mat lays perfectly flat, and cloth face provides subtle friction to impede terrain pieces from
easily shifting. Color and image quality are a perfect match for the terrain I painted up for the Gnarlwood forest. Awesome, awesome gaming

Daniel Montgomery
Looks sick. In a good way.

The toxic swamp looks even better when its in front of you. The details of water versus land is kind of a cool touch for a game where you could just treat it all like solid ground or maybe cause damage or hinder movement if you cross.
The mat is made of thick and seemingly durable material. The image on the mat is colorful (not faded looking) or too shiny.
The only complaint I have is that this only comes in the 22X30 size. I would guess this has something to do with the image losing quality at a larger size. If I am correct then its probably a good sign that they won't compromise the quality and I could just order a second mat and put them side by side.
Overall I am very happy with the product and hope they keep making new mats.

Alex Schaus
Fantastic mat with really crisp details and color contrast

I love it. Played Warcry on it tonight and I'm about to go order another one.

Kody Bennett
Excellent mat for money

The design on this mat is excellent and is far easier to store and carry than the card boards that GW sells.
Only point of criticism is the edges were slightly distressed. This may be due to production or shipping but is the only negative to an otherwise fantastic product.

Great game mat!

Fast shipping, good packaging, great mat!