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Industrial Zone Mat

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Rust, grime, and filth cake every inch of the metal design on this mat. Each full square is roughly 2x2" -- the ideal size for all of your modular terrain.

Perfect for Necromunda or any other futuristic gang warfare, deep space ship deck plating, a manufactory, underhive, or any other mechanical, industrial setting.

Key design features of this mat include:

  • Plentiful hazard stripes - you can never be too careful!
  • Rust, grime, and spattered blood - tell your own tales about where it came from
  • Hatches, pistons, and other unique panels to represent machinery, shipworks, and other points of interest

Mat Info

All Skirmish Mats are premium play surfaces, made in the USA using the finest sublimation printing techniques, ensuring your mat will be vibrant and full of color and detail, perfect for gaming.

Each mat is custom designed by Skirmish Mats team, and most can be easily combined with other Skirmish Mats to make larger battlefields, perfect for any game type or point level.

All of our mats are designed with story telling in mind. Each features numerous points of interest to allow you, the player, to tell your own story. The battlefield is the third player in your game -- shouldn't it play as hard as you?

Product Specifications

  • Perfect size options for different game systems
    • 22x30" - regulation size for Kill Team
    • 44x30" - excellent for combat patrol or incursions
    • 36x36" - great for Necromunda, Crisis Protocol, or other skirmish games
  • 2.5mm thick - perfect for dice rolling
  • Neoprene no-slip backing
  • Square corners - easy to combine for a larger battlefield
  • Due to the printing process, final dimensions and design may differ slightly from image

Customer Reviews

Based on 67 reviews
kevin kelley

Love the mats picture quality looks amazing high detail, the mat is also just thick enough with good weight that it lays flat even if its rolled or folded for extended periods of time and doesn't slide around the table. surface has a soft fabric feel with no "fuzzy" spots, as well as a matte finish that doesn't reflect.

Necromunda Mark
Industrial zone 3x3

Very happy with the quality of the mat as well as the artwork. Lots of variation of details. Very nice look.

Stevie Harrison
Great Mat, Unexpected Delivery

I ordered this mat several months ago, but unfortunately it was out-of-stock. This was clear on the website, the estimate for new stock to be produced was fairly accurate and the team kept me updated on my order. My only surprise was when the mat arrived, as it came folded in a small flat rectangular box rather than rolled up in a long tube box, which is what other companies offering similar products will usually do. Luckily, after leaving the product flat for a few days it has now regained its shape and there appears to be no damage. The designs are great, and so I can see myself ordering again for my next terrain project.

Tabletop Excellence

Absolutely the best mat I've ever seen! I might need to buy a larger table to play on just so I can buy another one, or two!

Great looking mat

This is a great mat for Necromunda or Zone Mortalis. It's exactly what I've been looking for, the image on it is sharp and the material feels high quality. Rubber backing is very grippy. This is not going to slide on your table.