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Great product.. vivid colors. Had issues with the first shipping and customer service responded quickly and took care of the problem.. very happy with my mats.

Andrew A Buckles
Great Mat

Updated Review: This mat really completes a game table, whereas I had a bunch of terrain that I had painted and put together, it wasn't until it had a properly themed mat that it really began to pop. The quality is apparent and the artwork is fantastic.

Andre Banglos
Perfect for Kill Team and Zone Mortalis play.

I bought the 3’X3’ Industrial Zone cause so can play both Kill Team and small 40k Zone Mortalis games on it and the details of the mat are amazing. I was hoping this product came with storage bag but other then that this is a amazing product I would highly recommend anyone picking any of the sizes available.

Just awesome

Living in Europe, the shipping cost naturally was "a tad" on the higher side.
As visible in the pictures, I just decided to have two mats, one 36x36 and one 44x30. Because that practically cut the shipping cost per mat in half, and that's a good thing, right? Saved money!

Jokes aside: Both the design and the print quality of the mats are just spectacular. Handsdown the most beautiful "industrial" mat around!
I regret nothing.

Also, the contact to Robby was most kind and pleasing.

Golar Bluford

This mat was perfect for my Necromunda games. Shipping was fast, and it is made in the US. I like this mat better than the Necromunda tiles because it is compatible with everything, and I don't have to worry about the "lock in place" grooves.

I will be getting the Frozen Fjord next! Both the quality, and aesthetic is top notch. If you see a mat that you like, get it before it sells out.