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Steampunk Skyport Mat

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The hum of machinery. The clatter of cobblestones. Cranks, gears, and clockwork aplenty, with just a bit of Victorian charm. Welcome to to the skyport. Dock your dirigible and stay a while!

The Steampunk Skyport is a great option for any battlefield or scenario that calls for a bit of anachronistic charm. One side features an open courtyard, replete with wrought iron, bronze pipes, and a detailed centerpiece. The other hosts a beautiful wooden design, with inlaid patternwork and window into some sort of complex machinery. Perhaps a landing pad? The magistrate's courtyard? A loading dock for the merchant sky fleet? Tell your own stories!

Key design features of this mat include:

  • A perfectly anachronistic blend of curious machinery and old world charm, ideal for multiple settings
  • Two distinct zones available as individual mats or a single, unified design
  • A curious cogwork encased in glass. Perfect as a primary objective, rally point, or other object of interest
  • Rich metallics, dark wood, and well worn cobblestone for a lived in, fantastical feel

Mat Info

All Skirmish Mats are premium play surfaces, made in the USA using the finest sublimation printing techniques, ensuring your mat will be vibrant and full of color and detail, perfect for gaming.

Each mat is custom designed by Skirmish Mats team, and many can be easily combined with other Skirmish Mats to make larger battlefields, perfect for any game type or point level.

All of our mats are designed with storytelling in mind. Each features numerous points of interest to allow you, the player, to tell your own story. The battlefield is the third player in your game -- shouldn't it play as hard as you?

Product Specifications

  • Multiple size options:
    • 44x30" - Minimum size for Warhammer 40,000 Combat Patrol and Incursion games and Age of Sigmar 3.0, and great for other game systems
    • 22x30" - Perfect for Kill Team, Warcry, or other smaller scale skirmish games. Two options available!
  • 2.5mm thick - perfect for dice rolling
  • Neoprene no-slip backing
  • Square corners - easy to combine for a larger battlefield
  • Due to the printing process, final dimensions and design may differ slightly from image

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Quality product

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Steampunk Skyport Mat