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Industrial Zone Mat

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Rust, grime, and filth cake every inch of the metal design on this mat. Each full square is roughly 2x2" -- the ideal size for all of your modular terrain.

Perfect for Necromunda or any other futuristic gang warfare, deep space ship deck plating, a manufactory, underhive, or any other mechanical, industrial setting.

Key design features of this mat include:

  • Plentiful hazard stripes - you can never be too careful!
  • Rust, grime, and spattered blood - tell your own tales about where it came from
  • Hatches, pistons, and other unique panels to represent machinery, shipworks, and other points of interest

Mat Info

All Skirmish Mats are premium play surfaces, made in the USA using the finest sublimation printing techniques, ensuring your mat will be vibrant and full of color and detail, perfect for gaming.

Each mat is custom designed by Skirmish Mats team, and most can be easily combined with other Skirmish Mats to make larger battlefields, perfect for any game type or point level.

All of our mats are designed with story telling in mind. Each features numerous points of interest to allow you, the player, to tell your own story. The battlefield is the third player in your game -- shouldn't it play as hard as you?

Product Specifications

  • Perfect size options for different game systems
    • 22x30" - regulation size for Kill Team
    • 44x30" - excellent for combat patrol or incursions
    • 36x36" - great for Necromunda, Crisis Protocol, or other skirmish games
  • 2.5mm thick - perfect for dice rolling
  • Neoprene no-slip backing
  • Square corners - easy to combine for a larger battlefield
  • Due to the printing process, final dimensions and design may differ slightly from image

Customer Reviews

Based on 62 reviews
Excellent Quality

Prompt shipping and good product quality. Will buy from again (especially if there are more sizes and designs in the future)

Erik Brun
Excellent Quality Necromunda Mat!

Really great mat! High quality print, perfect for Necromunda or Kill Team.

Nathan Pickard
Industrial zone mat

It arrived safe and sound. Saw this product on Miniature game Montage’s youtube channel and thought they looked great. Can’t wait to play some games of necromunda on it!

Cody Lakin
Great mat, amazing customer service

The mat looks exactly as pictured. Vibrant colors, thick durable material and the correct size. If you intend to use this with any Zone Mortalis terrain peices it is the perfect fit.
I also had a mix up with my shipping address. Robby responded quickly, and had another mat sent out right away. Amazing customer service for a great product.

Mike Hall
Best Mats for Necromunda and more!

Just received the two 36" x 36" Industrial Zone mats I ordered and they are amazing. Great material and the design is absolutely perfect for Necromunda. They are a great alternative to the Zone Mortalis tiles. I'll be proud to break these out for league nights. I'm planning on using these for some Stargrave games as well. In addition, I have to rave about the customer service. Robby reached out to me several times when stock was low and when I goofed up my order. All was handled quickly and I really felt Robby went above and beyond to help me out. I would highly recommend the Industrial Zone mats to any Necromunda player and would also recommend Skirmish Mats to anyone looking for high quality mats for your war games. I'll be shopping here again soon!