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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Adam Huenecke
Great detail and material quality

The mat is printed in high detail with lots of cool elements (acid pools, sand waves, bones) and the material is durable. No fraying on the edges with a nice matte finish.

Lou Sarofeen
22”x30” mats

I got the desert and the industrial game mats for playing kill team. They are a fantastic upgrade to the boards provided! Really ups the game, if you know what I mean 😉

Ken Krajniak
Excellent Mat for play and Content Creation

The "Desolute Dunes" mat is a perfect 36" x 36" square and has nice sharp corners (instead of rounded ones). Further more, the mat does not have a lot of "bounce" to it and stays in position on the table.

Vic from Mountainside Tabletop
As good as it gets!

How good could a gaming mat possibly be? This good! It lays flat, looks great, and has a premium feeling weight and finish. Thumping down a well loved mini and rolling some dice across this mat is a real pleasure every single time. So far we have had three of these mats, and through a whole bunch of games and rolling/unrolling in storage there are no signs of wear whatsoever.

Michael Ashcroft

Desolate Dunes Mat