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Frozen Fjord Mat

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The cold winds sweep across the frozen surface of the fjord, howling as they scourge the warmth from all upon the field. What lies buried beneath the drifts, stifled under the immense, uncaring weight of the glacial mass?

The Frozen Fjord mat is the perfect option for battlefields of ice and snow, whether that's simply in the cold north, on a frozen planet far, far away, or anywhere else a bit of winter is called for.

Key design features of this mat include:

  • Vibrant white and blue landscape
  • A central frozen aquatic feature to provide visual interest, and perhaps something to fight over (or simply upon!)
  • Vague outlines of items, and perhaps something more sinister, beneath the ice -- tell your own stories!
  • Various items strewn about the snow. Not so big as to be distracting, but enough to draw the eye or use an objective in a pinch

Mat Info

All Skirmish Mats are premium play surfaces, made in the USA using the finest sublimation printing techniques, ensuring your mat will be vibrant and full of color and detail, perfect for gaming.

Each mat is custom designed by Skirmish Mats team, and many can be easily combined with other Skirmish Mats to make larger battlefields, perfect for any game type or point level.

All of our mats are designed with storytelling in mind. Each features numerous points of interest to allow you, the player, to tell your own story. The battlefield is the third player in your game -- shouldn't it play as hard as you?

Product Specifications

  • Multiple size options:
    • 36x36" - Excellent for skirmish games of all types, including Star Wars: Legion and Marvel Crisis Protocol
    • 44x30" - Minimum size for Warhammer 40,000 Combat Patrol and Incursion games, great for other game systems
    • 22x30" - Perfect for Kill Team, Warcry, or other smaller scale skirmish games. Two options available!
  • 2.5mm thick - perfect for dice rolling
  • Neoprene no-slip backing
  • Square corners - easy to combine for a larger battlefield
  • Due to the printing process, final dimensions and design may differ slightly from image

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Andrew - Brews and Boardgames
High quality mats

The artwork on the mat is fantastic and the quality is very high. If you want to step up your game whatever that may be, DND, war gaming or board games in general, give these a try.

Excellent Quality

High-quality mat and excellent customer service.
The mat is the perfect size, the print is sharp, and it's a thick, cushiony neoprene type material that won't slide around on the table.
Skirmish Mats resolved a minor issue with my order (unrelated to the quality of the mat, which is, again, excellent) quickly and generously. This mat was purchased as a gift and the recipient was very pleased. I highly recommend Skirmish Mats and will buy from them again.

John Shaffer

Nice mats. Kind of wish the corners were rounded for better wear. Nice design and print quality.

Allen Lebeck
Frozen Fjord maps

I got 2 of them so I could have arctic combat patrol and incursion sized variants. They were a little troublesome to get out of the tube so maybe a slightly tighter roll would be beneficial, maybe a shrink wrap to keep them from unfurling. Overall good quality though, they have already made a nice impression with the local gaming community. 👍